Essay Education And Its Impact On Education

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Americans invested a large amount of money during the last decade in order to equip classrooms with computers. Author X feels that not only does this investment fail to met it’s potential benefit, but that it has impacted education negatively by aiding in the decline of literacy through “discounting words in favor of picture and pictures in favor of video.” While recognizing author x’s point of view that there is a potential negative side to computers in the classroom, I believe through controlled use of computers, creative lesson plans, and teacher training computers have the ability to assist in increasing student literacy. To begin with, computers are not the cause of a decline in literacy; rather they are just one of many tools available to teachers. Tools themselves do not produce positive or negative results, rather it is how teachers incorporate tools into lessons determines whether it produces desired or undesired results. For example, everyone agrees that a book, as a classroom tool, produces positive results. While incorporation of a Shakespearean novel most likely will increase student literacy, a Spiderman comic book may not produce the same results. Even the tool of a pencil, if used to draw pictures may inspire creativity, but does nothing to increase literacy, however a pencil used to write a story or to write down spelling word definitions undeniably increases literacy. It is not the book, or the pencil itself, but the tool usage that determines the impact…

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