Summary Of Freire's Theory Of Education

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Pratt’s and Freire’s idea on the Educational System

The education many Americans receive today isn’t very helpful. When there is a test that needs to be studied for teachers tell the kids what they are going to need to know. Therefore, kids simply memorize the information for that one test and once it’s over the information quickly leaves the students’ heads. This is what our education has been reduced to. We no longer take the time to understand or realize what we’re reading. We just memorize the facts needed to know and then forgot them once the test is turned in. Everyone working in the educational practice should be embarrassed as to what “learning” has become. Teachers, whether they know it or not, encourage students to memorize the knowledge.
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Pratt says, “schooling itself gave [my son] nothing remotely as meaningful to do, let alone anything that would actually take him beyond the referential, masculinist ethos of baseball and its lore” (318). Schooling, in Pratt’s eyes, seemed like it was just a place to send her kid a few hours each day. School was not teaching her son to think.She goes on to explain how students are not actually taught in class. They are simply told to memorize what is being said. Once the test is over the information is not longer significant. Some people may say that they are truly able to learn by memorizing information. However, memorization is only held in the brain for a few days afterwards the facts disappear. It is more effective to actually learn what is being taught than to hold on to the ideas for a limited amount of time. It would be hard to believe if someone disagreed with Pratt’s idea on the education system. I am very guilty for wanting to know exactly what’s going to be on the test and nothing more. It’s important to keep a good grade in all your classes because that affects your GPA and that effects what college you get into...this is what most people hear either coming from a counselor, teacher, or parent. Whether gardes affect a student 's future that much doesn 't matter because kids are still going to do whatever to maintain a good GPA. Rodriguez in “The Achievement of Desire”, is a wonderful example of a student who cared so much about about their grades and “education” they we willing to do whatever it takes. He worshiped every word they his teachers said because he knew it might be important to know for upcoming tests. He believed that his education defined him as a person. Unfortunately this is how a lot of students view education. Students should pay attention to teachers to actually learn the information, not so they

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