Education And Healthcare : The Major Factors Essays

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Education and healthcare are two of the major factors in the African American community. African American children are not receiving quality healthcare and education because of the location of each. In the late 1950s education was not valued by the government for African Americans because of segregation. The difference in classrooms was astounding which shows the significance of how education was not an equal effort for African Americans and whites. Low wages and taxes are important in certain areas because the state and local government do not support areas of low wage and high crime. They believe that if the parent wants their child to have a quality education, they would move the child to such location of value.
Many feel that it is not up to the government to provide for the failing school systems or even areas of healthcare. Hahnel (2005) explains, people should get out of an economy what they and their productive possessions contribute to the economy. If we think of economic goods and services as a giant pot of stew, the idea is that individuals contribute to how plentiful and rich the stew will be by their labor and by the nonhuman productive assets they bring to the economy’s kitchen. This statement explains the factor that individuals should put into society what they want to see out of it. If the low income neighborhood parents want better education for their children, they should put more effort into the school system and educating their child at home. They…

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