Criminal Justice System: Chapter Summary And Analysis

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In the Race, ethnicity, and the criminal justice system , Rosich establishes how race comes into action when dealing with the criminal justice system. There are multiple things that occur within the criminal justice system when pertaining to minorities. The author presents and critiques the devastating relationship between police and minorities. Also, while discussing racial profiling and the contrasting prison procedures minorities’ encounter. One general racial separation that was provided with the criminal justice system is police brutality with minorities. An event that happened to start police brutality is the Rodney King beating. The Rodney King beating took place in California. Four cops that participated in the …show more content…
Research shows that blacks are more prone to be arrested and sentenced differently than non-blacks. It 's not a myth but there is factual evidence of it happening. For example, June 23 , 2014 Shamash Taylor, a thirty five year old single mother left her nine year old daughter in the car for a job interview. Taylor was arrested and jailed for 10 days had to pay a 9000 dollar bond to be freed. Casey Anthony, nineteen year old mother kills her two year old daughter. Anthony goes through a 2- year- trial and was let off because the body that was found was not an actual body but just bones, meaning not enough evidence. Now the difference between Taylor and Anthony are race. Why was Taylor 's crime treated so harshly and all she did was go in for an interview. I am not justifying Taylor 's actions by any means, but the crimes are not being handled with correct justice decisions. Anthony killed her daughter and had no penalty because of her …show more content…
Young minorities make up majority of the prison population. Rosich elaborates on the statistics of this concept by stating, “In 2002, black youth, who were 16 percent of the U.S. population and 28 percent of youth arrest …, resulting in out- of-home placement (Snyder, Howard N. 2004 p 9). Statistics showed in 2002 saying African American children 10-17, had a high rate of being arrested then the white children. In a way the whole stop and frisk thing comes into play here because, police can stop a black boy and find a reason to arrest him; whether it is for failure to apply or resisting arrest. Law enforcement doesn’t usually stop the white kids even if they do look suspicious or out of place nine times out of ten police will stop a black child over a white child. Most times police have no reason to stop a minority, yet they feel like that minority is up to something or guilty of something. Another really bad thing is that if a black kid was to be arrested and taken to court, they don 't have as good as lawyer as a white child will have, mainly because law enforcement know that they aren 't able to afford the best representation.
Throughout the article, Rosich emphasizes on the concept of racial profiling existing within the criminal justice system. Also providing multiple statistics and analysis to support his claim on how contrasting

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