Education And Education : Teaching Strategies, Testing, And Basic Courses

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Education has evolved over decades through the passing of laws nationwide. These laws affect both the student and teacher. Teaching strategies, testing, and basic courses are put in consideration when making new laws.The laws passed were to measure how well the student is learning. Laws such as No Child Left Behind and Anti-Bullying affect education by improving student performance and well-being.
The history of elementary education has gone back as far as 100 B.C when people of Judah established schools as part of their religious training (Ferguson 61).When education and teaching was first introduced religion was an important part of the curriculum because communities were religiously governed. Later in 1839, the first school that was supported by the state was established in Lexington, Massachusetts (Ferguson 62). The first school was a one room school with one teacher teaching different grades. Teachers were paid little and had no recognition for their job in the community (Ferguson 61).
An elementary school teacher is someone that is qualified to teach grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Elementary school teachers are required to: plan lessons, prepare tests, grade papers, meet with parents, and attend faculty meetings and conference (Eberts and Gisler 16). In order to be organized, teachers should plan their whole day and lesson. According to Eberts and Gisler the authors of Teaching; an elementary school teacher is encouraged to motivate students to acquire…

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