Education And Education Programs On Recidivism Rates Through Career And Technical Training Programs

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Research has shown a relationship to vocational education and a reduction in the recidivism rates through career and technical training programs provided to offenders while incarcerated. Eric Lichtenberger’s (2011) study “Measuring the Effects of the Level of Participation in Prison-Based Career and Technical Education Programs on Recidivism”, attempt to determine if providing offenders with a vocational education could produce a reduction in the recidivism rates in the state of Virginia. The subjects in the study are incarcerated in multiple, public and state prisons in the state of Virginia.
Review of the Literature Lichtenberger (2011), informs that studies compare the differences between participants to non- participants and completers to non-completers. The flaw is there is no examination of the differences between the various levels of completion/participation or using similarly composed non-participant groups in comparisons, and he wants to produce and compare the results for the similarities all of the groups involved. For this study, recidivism is defined as a return to incarceration within the same sized correctional system within three years of release. The study used offenders from a state in which the incarcerated population is about 30,000, of these offenders about 10,000 are released every year. Subjects in the study consisted of 2856 participants, 1428 were in the treatment group and 1428 were in the comparison group. The treatment group…

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