Essay on Education And Architecture Education System

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Education in architecture has changed drastically after the rise in credential architects that begins in the 1880s. Before this, architecture education was based on apprenticeship system where student will learn first-hand from a mentor that they chose. They will learn from that one mentor everything about architecture for the next 10 to 20 years. École des Beaux Arts, in the early 19th century was established by the French state to create a new method of reproduction for architecture education. This system has become embedded in most of the architecture higher education today. Although the today 's system might not be the exact copy of original system, but the atelier concept in architecture education system has been a distinct element for every architecture student. Throughout the years, architecture education has changed but not the same as what happened during the early 19th century. Today’s changes have become more complex, that the transformation is even barely noticeable. Technology, global issues and economy influenced architecture not just academically but also as a profession. This three issues not just influencing how architecture is taught but also how will it be practiced.

Technology in architecture plays a major role that it is not just affecting the design method but also how we perceive architecture. Almost every architecture school will add or include a new topic in the syllables when new software that can generate new thing or a new…

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