Educating The American Learners Today 's Economy Essay

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During the 1990’s the local district and states subsidized 47 percent to public schools, and the remaining was provided by the federal government ("20th Century," n.d.). As we can see from our history that education has come a long way. However, is enough being done to educate the American learners in today’s economy? According to article in the Wall Street Journal, our education progress has declined. US Education Secretary Arne Duncan soft-pedaled the “not great news” that scores on the National Assessment of Education declined this year for the first time since 1990 ("Obama’s report card," 2015). The hope was that education would be a bright spot of the Obama Presidency, but it appears that student leaning has stalled ("Obama’s report card," 2015).
What has changed from the 1990’s to now? According to the Administration, they are placing the blame on the NAEP exam, which is administered every two years to a representative sample of students in all 50 states, may be a blip ("Obama’s report card," 2015). The test result revealed that fourth and eighth grades have declined two percentage points nationwide to 40% and 33% of students. Average scores declined across the board with fourth and eighth grade math, and fourth grade reading scored have not changed since 2007 ("Obama’s report card," 2015).
The economic downturn of the US education is because the current Administration is not doing enough. What is the catalyst of our education decline? The answer to this question…

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