Essay on Educating Children From Poor Families

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The other informant added that “I can say the benefit in ward schools is the interaction with their fellow students. I would not say that ward school helped many graduates to succeed or proceed to higher education, no!” He went on to say that.
For the majority Tanzanians, it is difficult to attain quality education because of poverty. Parents have no ability to pay the cost of education in good schools. Probably, the government needs to rethink how to improve infrastructure in the ward schools where the majority of poor children attend so that to provide quality education to the majority Tanzanian children. Otherwise, it is a preparation of a small fraction of Tanzanians to benefit from the country’s resources while leaving out the rest.
Other participant contrary to others indicated a positive view on the ward schools, noting that “ These schools are liberators for intellectual children from poor families. But it will take time to improve these schools.” At least there is a space for the poor children.
Many Tanzanians children go to these schools, because they are the only schools that many poor parents can afford. Remember in the past we lost many professionals, although they loved education, they had no chance, now we have a chance for each child to go to school. A person from a poor family spend a day in school without eating anything, but study hard and later reach their goals. For example, I hosted some children who come from hard to live environment, they come to…

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