Educating All Adolescents : A Proactive Instructional Teaching Approach

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Educating all adolescents requires a multifaceted instructional teaching approach. Balancing each student’s curiosity, hardiness, and uniqueness becomes a juggling act to ensure that the core instructional material presented in class becomes instilled in the developing teenager. Yet the educator’s job encompasses traversing adolescents developmental changes in order to impact student learning. By examining adolescent physical, cognitive and social development; diverse learner within the cultural and socioeconomic status; incorporating the stakeholders as foundational support for learning; and reinforcing learning through the use of technology we will demonstrate the complexity of enhancing the student’s learning experience and overall well-being.
Dramatic changes occur within the adolescent body as the onset of puberty begins as they physical transform from children to adults. These unfolding biological changes in the primary and secondary sexual characteristic and eventually reproduction competence transpire on an individualist time clock (Dolgin, 2011, p. 282). Typically one’s inherited genetic code influences the effect of puberty yet “environmental changes can bring about major changes in features that are strongly genetically influenced” (Rutter, 2002, p. 2). Yet these physical changes coupled with the cognitive development of the teenager’s brain which expands from concrete operational thought to that of formal operational though impacts the learning…

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