Edmund Kemper Personality

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“I remember there was actually a sexual thrill… you hear that little pop and pull their heads off and hold their heads up by the hair, whipping their heads off, their body sitting there that would get me off”(“The World of Serial Killers”). This is a quote from Edmund Kemper talking about him playing with his sister 's dolls when he was a little boy. Edmund was born on December 18, 1948, he is best known for his intelligence, enormous size, dark fantasies, and ten serial murders. Not only was he known for necrophilia acts. At the age of fifteen most teenagers want to experience new feelings such as what it 's like to kiss someone, or how it feels to fall in love. Edmund Kemper at the age of fifteen however, wanted to see what it felt like to …show more content…
For example Kemper 's mother once punished him by making him kill his beloved pet chicken and his father then made him eat it (Blanco). Edmunds sociopathic behavior started when he was a young boy, he showed that the way his parents would treat him had created the deranged personality in him. While he was young he had a habit of taking his sister 's dolls and decapitating them, then amputating their arms and legs. Eventually dolls were not good enough for him and he started killing the dogs and cats in his neighborhood, Edmund would do the same thing to them as he did to the dolls. Due to these activities his parents saw him as a threat to his sisters and made him move to New York with his grandparents. As Edmund Emil Kemper Jr. became older he started to want to know what it felt like to kill someone. Edmund became known for his enormous size of 6’9 and 280 pounds. Everyone knew him as a sweet man but had no clue what was going on inside his mind.
Not only did Edmund Kemper have a horrible childhood he also displayed odd behaviors. Edmund Kemper 's mental state is very messed up as many people would say. Ed was diagnosed having paranoid schizophrenia
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Edmund could get away with all of his murders until he turned himself in due to many reasons. Edmund got police training to become an undercover officer and also got trained to shoot a gun at this training (Blanco). Also, after the murder and he was done using the body he would hide the head and fingers in different locations and bury the body. Eds first two killings, other than his grandparents, was two female hitchhikers he had picked up at Fresno State college the girls destination was suppose to be Stanford University. Unfortunately, the girls never made it to their destination. They were murdered by Edmund who beheaded their bodies, he kept the heads for a few months, then hid them in a nearby cliff. The two girl 's family filed a missing person report but the police gave up after a month of searching. Then picked up a fifteen year old girl walking to dance class in the rain. The girl not long after she Edmund had her get in caught on to what he was doing but he locked the doors and would not let her out. After he killed and raped her Edmund left her in the trunk for a while and disposed of her head and fingers in separate locations. Then four months passed and Edmund started killing again killing three more girls and doing the same horrible things to them as the others. Finally he killed the women who he believes is the reason he’s like this and the reason all of this

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