The Importance Of Criminals In Mr. Mercedes

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In society, criminals are portrayed as people who are mentally disturbed and deserve to be punished for what they did. They are shown as violent people that should be avoided at all times but in reality they are most of the time normal people that would never be suspected to be dangerous and bad people. So for those reasons it can be hard to spot them out in the crowd when they are living there life like a normal person. In the novel Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King the readers can really see how this is true with the character Brady. As Brady’s character shows a killer thinks the way that they do and fit in so well in society without anyone suspecting a thing for the following reasons. The first reason being that Brady manipulated people into …show more content…
Killers plan, stalk, and do everything they can not to leave any evidence behind that could prove that they are guilty of the crime. They are very organized and will do things to stay one step ahead of everyone that could find out what they did. They wear gloves, use chemicals, wear caps and masks, and clean up after themselves. Surprisingly those techniques often work for them and they can get away with so many crimes. Even though it is impossible not to leave any evidence behind at a crime scene, if it disappears before police can get to it, then there is no evidence left that could lead to them. Taking extraordinary measures and being patient has helped lots of killers get away with their crimes without anyone knowing what they did. Smart killers target victims who are less likely to draw attention which is exactly what Brady Hartsfield did when he picked out some of his victims. Intelligent killers study a lot before going out and killing someone. Killers that do that have now realised that if they target minority children, teens, and adults then they are less likely to get caught. They take their time, pick a specific target, abduct the person and then kill them without having to worry about someone watching or reporting them. Most crimes against …show more content…
The novel Mr.Mercedes by Stephen King portrays really well a killer’s way of thinking with the character Brady Hartsfield. The previous essay mentioned the reasons why Brady was able to live such a normal life without being a suspect to others. The first reason being that he manipulated people. The second reason being that he was a very intelligent person and planned out everything very precisely before actually doing it. The finale reason was that Brady created a whole new identity for

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