Essay about Edgar Degas : Art Is Not What You See?

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Artist Edgar Degas defined art as being: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” (Le French 1). In other words, any artist can create something and call it a “piece of art,” but it does not represent any significance if no one can become inspired by it or see the purpose behind it. However, what then would be considered “art” and how would you describe it? A common answer to people is that there is no one particular meaning or that the imagination is endless. Though, true, I personally find that for anything to be exactly “art,” whether physically or virtually, it has to send a message, resonate an effect, or even catch the eyes of others. For example, let 's say that someone’s own work or creation is considered “art” to them. This may come as a surprise for others who are unable to discover its purpose. Even though I’d have trouble depicting and figuring out its forsay intentions, that doesn’t mean it’s not an art to that particular person -- who for all I may know understands everything about it since they were a child. To me, art needs to have a sense of meaning that demonstrates its significance so that others can witness its creativity. When defining my own definition, I see art as something that should represents one own’s work of imagination all the while holding its own special purpose; it attempts to associate a different meaning for all to connect and relate with to a certain extent. Only then will it become a lasting framework because it…

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