Essay on Edgar Allan Poe 's The Cask Of Amontillado

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Edgar Allan Poe author of “The Cask of Amontillado,” is an American writer best known for writing dark literature such as murder and horror genres. For instance, in this short story Poe writes of a deranged man by the name of Montresor seeking vengeance on Fortunato. The author states “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could; but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge” (14). The reader can foreshadow from the start, a horrible event will occur at some point of the story. Gilman’s short story is comparable to Poe’s. For instance in “The Yellow Wallpaper,” a housewife whose name is never stated, begins suffering from mild depression. The word “depression” stands out due to the common thought of suicide intertwining with the issue. So the audience can foreshadow mild depression getting severe and causing death. The stories themselves have peculiar titles that connect with the messages translated by the authors. For instance a “cask” is a barrel used to store beverages typically alcoholic, and Amontillado is a dry wine. “Wine” is typically stored away for years in a cask to ensure at a later time it will be delicious. Likewise “yellow wallpaper” is a thought of aged art slowly decaying or fading. The titles seem to refer to time and the process of decay. The writers use literary elements to develop the stories further that include foreshadowing and symbolism in particular. Moreover, the literary element that is interesting in the short stories, are…

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