Economics Week 6 Assignment Essay example

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The US economy has been recovering slowly and it has shown improvement over the past three years. We must remember that the country went through a major recession about six years ago and the government continues making efforts to combat the recession and stimulate the economy. As of 2015 it is visible the economy is growing because there is more availability of jobs compared to previous years. Unemployment rates have decreased every single year for the past five years. Energy and gas prices have fallen and it is positive for consumers because is putting more money into their pockets therefore individuals will have more disposable income. According to CNBC (2015) it seems lower gas prices has helped consumption levels
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Database of Unemployment rate. Reprinted from Databases, Tables & Calculators by subject. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved February 14, 2015, from Reprinted with permission.

The unemployment rates show a positive sign that the

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