Economic Structure And Performance Of Brazil Essay

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Intro Due to Privatization law changes by the Brazilian government, a new era dawned in Brazil in the 1990’s. This breakthrough in foreign direct investment from firms in the United State in Europe, caused a huge surge in economic growth that lasted nearly a decade. This Surge in economic growth slowed but Brazil over the years has continued to be a country to watch for new innovations in the power production industry. Until recent corruption was discovered, Brazil was expected to surpass many countries as it moved its way up the ranks among the world markets largest key players. Is foreign direct investment still a viable option for firms in the United States? The following report is an in depth look into the current economic structure and stability in regard to foreign direct investment, and whether a once booming country is still just that, a thriving potential investment tool or on its way to economic crisis.

Economic Structure and Performance
The Economy of Brazil is the largest in South America and second largest in the western hemisphere and economists are predicting it will become one of the five largest economies in the world in the next few decades. As a member of the GTO, WTO and the Cairns Group, a special interest group of 19 agricultural exporting countries, it encourages worldly alliances that promote global trade. Showing a respect for the treatment of workers and its citizens, Brazil is a member of the International Labor Organization conventions, the UN…

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