French Revolution Vs Industrial Revolution Essay

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The French and the Industrial Revolutions were both major breakthroughs in history, and their impact can still be felt today. Both revolutions brought with them changes as a result of different factors. The Industrial Revolution was influenced by the use of new technology and industrialization, while the French Revolution rooted from the fury of the French people against the Ancién Regime. The French Revolution brought about a rebellion against the monarchy and establishment of a republic (Burbeck). The Clergy and Nobel were the richest populations, and their unfairness caused an economic problem. This injustice led people to question the monarchy 's rule. The revolution involved reorganization of the government and its institutions to match …show more content…
They both resulted in power shift which caused a step towards democracy. The French Revolution helped steer industrial revolution making France stronger under the republic rule. The enlightenment period enabled people stand and think on their own, creating new ways of thinking. This ideas and visions started both revolutions. They left behind new inventions, ideas and gave rights to the ordinary people. The French Revolution brought the end of monarchies and new laws which replaced the old laws (Burbeck), in contrast, the Industrial Revolution led to the invention of power-driven machines, improved communication, and transport systems. Both revolutions paved the way for social reforms, the abolishment of absolute monarch made all people equal before the law; and Industrial Revolution enabled people to climb the social class through acquired expertise and opportunities. There are however differences between the two revolutions; the French Revolution made it easier for the working class by giving them the rights to equality, choice, and fewer taxes, while the Industrial revolution made it hard for the working class as it forced them to work under harsh and dangerous conditions. The former changed the political powers while the later brought about change in the economic forces, which in turn brought the establishment of new industries and new

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