Economic, Ethical, And Social Factor Essay example

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In general, most nations’ economy growth is driven from businesses because of the different resources that are associated with each business. According to Boone and Kurtz (2012), “ A growing economy is one that produces more goods and services with fewer resources over time yields income for business owners, their employees and stockholders” (p. 3). For the most part, the resources impact a nation’s and then the nations become dependent upon the different businesses. In short, business consists of all profit-seeking activities that provide goods services necessary for a nation’s economy system (Boone & Kurtz, 2012, p. 3). However, the success of a business is depending upon the environment of that business and in our reading we learned that the business environment is constantly changing because of many factors. There are several factors that have an impact on a company business environment such as social and economic, and sometimes both. In this assignment, I will discuss how an economic, ethical, and social factor plays a significant role in my organization and I’ll proposed three business actions to overcome these factors.
Description of Organization
In short, I’m currently in the United States Navy and I work for a command that its mission is to trained and certify the Navy’s Fleet ships on the east coast by giving higher leadership an overall evaluation of each ships performance in preparation for their assigned deployment. We have the authority…

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