Ebay: SWOT Analysis Of Ebay

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Register to read the introduction… Although they may not be the most inexpensive site like yahoo.com, they have the largest variety of products. eBay also appeals to a larger group of consumers that include individual sellers, small entrepreneurs, and corporations all over the world. eBay achieves broad differentiation through their strong eBay community and a global reach not matched by any competitor with daily item listings over 2,500,000 (eBay Sell-thru Stats, (2008), Retrieved November 9, 2008 from http://www.medved.net.) .These aspects of the eBay service among others set the company apart from the rest because customers see the value in using the eBay service. This is why eBay has become so successful and continues to experience growth throughout the on-line industry simply based on customer satisfaction. SWOT Analysis A SWOT (Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats) analysis of eBay was prepared to examine what the company does well and what needs some attention (Appendix A). Some of the main strengths of the company include a recognizable brand name, the variety of products offered, and a tremendous global reach. First, eBay has made sure to use vibrant color and unique writing to show their …show more content…
They are not able to do everything to their best of their abilities to prevent illegal activities and technology malfunctions. First of all, eBay may only have 1 percent of fraud on their site, but based on customer feedback, some say 10 percent. eBay has no real way to measure the extent of the identity fraud on their site. And secondly, the technology malfunctions are something that happens to every business. eBay needs to continue to be up to speed on current task solving issues and technology updates in order to maintain happy customers. Constant training and education of eBay employees will also aid in this

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