Eatwell Foods Essay

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Eatwell plate consists of 5 different food groups, which helps people to know what is recommended for a healthy diet.
Healthy diet contain of having an average 33% of fruit and vegetables, 33% of foods that contain starch, i.e. bread, rice or pasta, 15% of milk or any other dairy products, and 12% of foods that consist of protein, and lastly a small 7% of foods or drinks that contain an high sugar content.
Carbohydrates are one of the main nutrients for our healthy diet. There are three main types of carbohydrates, which are found in foods, which are, sugars, starch and fibre. By eating carbohydrates your benefit as starches and sugars are broken down by the body into glucose- our blood sugar, which will be used as energy. Fibre cannot be broken down by our body, but instead keep us feeling fuller for longer. Protein in our diet is essential as protein can help our body to repair cells and to make new
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These are not stored in your body, so you need to take more of these frequently. Water soluble vitamins are found in a range of different foods such as, Fruit and vegetables, potatoes, milk and grains, which can be destroyed when being exposed to heat or air. Because if you boil these foods you will lose the vitamins as they will disappear into the heat of the water. A better method of cooking these types of food is too, either steam or grill or even boil them in a smaller content of water, as cooking them quicker helps preserve some of the water soluble vitamins.
Fat-soluble vitamins are normally found in fatty oils, dairy foods, milk, butter, liver and oily fish. It is esential that you take in fat-soluble vitamins but it is not forced upon to have an intake of fat-soluble vitamins everyday, why? Because these vitamins are stored into the liver and your fatty tissues for future use. These vitamins store up for your body to use, if you have much more on what you required then this can become

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