Eating Sweets - Original Writing Essay

1452 Words Oct 3rd, 2015 6 Pages
I was often irritated by people because they were constantly reminding me that I was on a diet. I couldn’t stand how they acted as though I forgot! Whenever I was following a diet, if I had a taste for something sweet from time to time--I ate it because I felt like it! I did it because I didn’t there was a crime in Me doing so. It seemed like every time I wanted something sweet, somebody would always come around, at the wrong time. It really bugged me whenever someone was getting themselves a treat, while they were telling me not to get one. I hated the frustration that stemmed from Me getting a simple dessert. It was such a headache that I had to get creative, when it came to getting my treats. I hated going through the process of hoping that no-one would see me eating sweets. That was something that I brought upon myself, by letting people know when I was on a diet. I hated when someone would say to me, “I thought you were supposed to be on a diet?” My response would be, “It’s not supposed to be, I am!” I couldn’t stand the discomfort I felt from hearing those words! It caused me to stop getting my snacks whenever someone was around. I’d sometimes find myself sneaking food out of my own cupboards and refrigerator. I’d sneaked into the kitchen to get snacks, when everyone was asleep, or occupied with other activities. It had gotten so bad that, I had to sneak food into the house because--if somebody knew about it, they’d say something about Me…

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