Essay on Eating Habits Should Be Necessary

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It is a difficult challenge for people to maintain their weight, and what determines an unhealthy weight is what kinds of foods are being put into one’s body. Eighty percent of what people eat determines their health, and how healthy they are physically. A lot of people think that exercising is they key in health, however, without proper nutrition people are not able to form strong muscles and a healthy blood flow when exercising. People with bad eating habits have trouble transitioning to nutritious eating habits, and this is where proportioning should begin in people’s lifestyle of eating. Proportioning foods should be necessary not only for a healthy eating habit, but to also decrease a person’s bad eating habits. In the author’s first article “9 Simple Tricks to Eat Less” provide different steps that are necessary to take in order to decrease the quantity of food a person eats. In the author’s other article, she explains that other foods that are not meat provide a great amount of protein. Both of these articles explain things people were unaware of regarding portion sizes, but people are still being given enough nutrition by other foods. There are many varieties of nutritious foods that people are able to eat, but smaller portions of these healthy foods can limit the amount of nutrition our bodies need in order to function. According to American Journal of Preventive Medicine study in 2006, “85 nutrition professionals (…) with larger bowls served themselves 31% more…

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