Eating Filipino And Filipino Food Essay

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“Magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat” or in english, “Good morning to all of you.” Before we start, may I ask how many in here enjoys eating Filipino food? And from those hands raising, how many knows how to cook some Filipino food? (Insert to the audience) You may or may not be a Filipino but if you know and love eating Filipino foods especially using your bare hands to eat it, is close to being one of them because this is one of the Filipinos’ trademark for they are known to be food lovers. I was born here in Saipan but had spent my 9 years in the Philippines that is why I get to taste every dish that this country has to offer. Even if you are or aren’t a Filipino, you will surely love their filipino foods and will be your all-time favorite such as the traditional filipino dishes, as well as their filipino street foods. Filipinos or Pinoys love to cook foods that taste good and are convenient, am I right guys? They make sure that the food they serve and eat is not only affordable but also delicious that will really make you want to come back for more. The two favorite dishes of Pinoys and my favorite too are Adobo and Dinuguan. There are a lot of foods that I love to eat but these two are my most favorite among all of them. Adobo is a common dish in every household in the Philippines but was originated from Mexico. No list of Filipino food would be completed without this food. For a quick preview of how it is cooked, here is the video. Filipinos found that cooking meat…

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