Eat Less Meat Essay

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Speech Title: Eat Less Meat!

General Purpose: Persuasive

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to eat less meat.

Thesis Statement: Eating meat is becoming an increasing demand and issue in society, it can be solve with the help of all of us.

I. "Meat is a symbol of affluence, and it becomes an addiction and a habit," says Henry Spira, coordinator of Animal Rights International” The average meat eater is responsible for the deaths of some 2,400 animals during his or her lifetime. (E Magazine.) A. In late 1992, Lauren Beth ate a fast-food cheeseburger laced with E. coli. She was attacked by hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a wasting disease that invades nearly every organ in the body and destroys the blood's ability
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E. coli, was one of the leading cause of kidney failure in young children. (E Magazine).

Transition Now that I’ve told you the impacts that it has, is there a way to resolve it? B. Satisfaction: We should all think about what would be the best for our country and its citizens

1. Reduced consumption of animal products and increased intake of fiber-rich carbohydrates, fresh fruit and vegetables are recommended to minimize the risk of heart disease, mature onset diabetes, obesity, and possibly some cancers. (De Fraga)

2. There is some evidence to suggest that the human digestive system was not designed for meat consumption and processing ,which could help explain why there is such high incidence of heart disease, hypertension, and colon and other cancers. (Jim Motavalli) 3. By eliminating little by little for consuming meat we are saving the environment, animals and even our health.

Transition: Will these solutions work? C. Visualization:

1. In the E Magazine it said that In the U.S., according to a 1998 Vegetarian Journal survey, 82 percent of vegetarians are motivated by health concerns, 75 percent by ethics, the environment and/or animal rights, 31 percent because of taste and 26 percent because of economics. (Jim Motavalli)

2. The American Dietetic Association says in a position statement,

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