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The EasyDrive School of Motoring Case Study
The EasyDrive School of Motoring was established in Glasgow in 1992. Since then, the
School has grown steadily and now has several offices in most of the main cities of
Scotland. However, the School is now so large that more and more administrative staff are
being employed to cope with the ever-increasing amount of paperwork. Furthermore, the
communication and sharing of information between offices, even in the same city, is poor.
The Director of the School, Dave MacLeod, feels that too many mistakes are being made
and that the success of the School will be short-lived if he does not do something to
remedy the situation. He knows that a database could help in part to solve the problem
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The School has a pool of cars, which are
adapted for the purposes of teaching. Each Instructor is allocated to a particular car. As
well as teaching, the Instructors are free to use the cars for personal use. The cars are
inspected at regular intervals for faults. Once ready, a client applies for a driving test date.
To obtain a full driving license the client must pass both the practical and theoretical parts
of the test. It is the responsibility of the Instructor to ensure that the client is best prepared
for all parts of the test. The Instructor is not responsible for testing the client and is not in
the car during the test but should be available to drop off and pick up the client before and
after the test at the Testing Centre. If a client fails to pass, the Instructor must record the
reasons for the failure.
Query Transactions (Sample)
The Director has provided some examples of typical queries that the database system for
the EasyDrive School of Motoring must support.
(a) The names and the telephone numbers of the Managers of each office.
(b) The full address of all offices in Glasgow.
(c) The names of all female Instructors based in the Glasgow, Bearsden office.
(d) The total number of staff at each office.
(e) The total number of clients (past and present) in each city.
(f ) The timetable of appointments for a given Instructor next week.
(g) The details of interviews…

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