Easter Seal Is A School For Children With Special Needs And Cognitive Issues

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I was at Easter Seals Lilly Academy this week which consisted of three teachers. There was no occupational therapist or any other therapist at the facility. If a child needed therapy, they received it outside of the school. Sometimes the therapist will speak with the teachers and let them know what individual needs and skills the student is addressing in therapy and the teachers will incorporate that into the school as best as they can. Easter Seals School was a school for children with special needs and cognitive issues from 4-22 years old. Easter Seal was an un-accredited school. The school focused on how much a student can learn and function and not on what grade level they should be in. The school had three classes and the student were divided by level of function. There were four children in the high functioning class. Two of the student were thirteen and the other two were sixteen. Two of the students had mild Autism, one student had Asperger’s and the other had Dyslexia. The next class is low functioning class which has three student .Two of the students have severe Autism and are eighteen and thirteen. The other student is 20 and has Turrets. The third class is for elementary school aged children. The class has three children. Two of the children have Autism and the other has Asperger’s. Since the teachers have students in their class room with different diagnosis, the teachers must address one student at a time. The teachers sometimes found this to be difficult and…

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