Earth 's Need For Energy Essay

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Dear, Mr. Gary Peters, and Mrs. Debbie Stabenow: Mankind’s need for energy has been in place since the beginning of time. Over time, innovators have found different sources for energy. Around the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, oil, coal, and other fossil fuels integrated into everyday culture. People used every resource possible to fuel their businesses and homes with little thought towards the environment. Over the years, researchers discovered the dangers and limits of fossil fuels to the environment. During the 1980’s, early forms of development for alternative energy began to arise in the United States; shortly after, Europe began their development in the early 1990’s. Of those development’s, solar power and wind power have gained momentum. However, in 2012 Michigan was the eleventh highest state in carbon output. On August 4th, the Obama administration requires carbon emissions to decrease by 30 percent by 2030. Included in the plan, “Obama 's plan requires states to generate 28 percent of their electrical capacity from renewable sources such as wind and solar.” (Lynch, A6) Advancements towards renewable energy can help lower carbon levels and help the environment while fulfilling the plan by Obama’s administration. The process of solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electrical power. The first use of the sun’s rays was recorded in seventh century B.C. where magnifying glasses were used to create fire by concentrating the rays towards…

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