Earth 's Life On Earth Essay

1413 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Joseph P. Valentine
Prof. Paden
Eng. 111 (4243)
Earth 2.0 We’ve spent a lot of time here on Earth; rather, all of it. We’ve grown so much: learning to walk, talk, make friends, build cities, start wars, and make bombs that can cleanse entire planets of life. This is our home. Sadly, we can’t live here forever. The concept of expanding our domain isn’t just about exotic Martian vacations or low-gravity sports. Earth may not be habitable forever. The ever-impending “consequences” of climate change, nuclear war, and a slew of astral natural disasters threaten the existence of all life on Earth. It’s time to take a rocket ship out of the nest and on to the next planet, Mars. As the second step in our next frontier, this big red dot in the sky is our ultimate test to see if we’re ready to secure the continuation of our species. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite ready for living in, so we’ll have to prepare it ourselves. Though it may seem like an impossible task to change an entire planet to the point of habitability, Terraforming (The engineering of a planet to be more like Earth) is a very real science that might surprise one to know that we have within the grasp of present technology. First and foremost, the most imperative obstacle to overcome when making Mars more Earth-like is to create an atmosphere, including a complete nitrogen, carbon, and water-cycle, sufficient enough to support our own life. There are multiple reasons for this. Today, a typical day of Martian…

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