The Coming Schism James R. Oberg Analysis

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Many people have dreamed of traveling to another planet. Since the technology is there, the clock is ticking for the day the announcement is made that a spaceship is making its way to Mars. Most people do not think about what will happen once there are people on Mars, however, and what they will do then. Survival and living a sufficient life away from the civilization on Earth are common things one might think of. “The Coming Schism” by James E. and Alcestis R. Oberg explores what will happen when people finally colonize Mars. The Obergs make assumptions according to what they believe will be the future for not only the people on Mars but also for the people on Earth. The Obergs persuade their audience that not only is it inevitable for people …show more content…
The people on Mars will learn to bond over the experience that they have traveling and living on Mars. The “off-worlders” will become closer than any group on Earth could because they understand that they are all equal. The Obergs explain how the people of Mars will become closer when they say, “In spite their probable international make-up, permanent populations of off-worlders will sooner or later become identified with one another rather than with their nations of origin”. The “off-worlders” will soon transcend the labels that the people on Earth have and will be better because of this and become one community and will lack the wars that Earth has because of the differences that many people have. This will encourage the people of Earth because if the people that they sent to a different planet can live in complete harmony with one another, then maybe they could do the same thing and become one. This future union of all races will encourage the people on Earth to re-establish the connection that was lost with the people on

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