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Anthropology of the Filipino People I Filipino Prehistory Rediscovering Precolonial Heritage

By: Felipe Landa Jocano

A Book Report

Submitted by: Alexson T. Battung A student of Bachelor of Arts in History 1-1 Submitted to: Prof. Maria Rhodora Agustin Professor in History

I. Introduction

This book is the revised and expanded version of an earlier one, entitled Philippine Prehistory: An Anthropological
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This is also a generalized reconstruction of Filipino prehistoric society and culture.

There are many gaps in the data, but it is only natural because we all know that history cannot be written with precision. There are events that, by their very nature, are cannot historians have to rely on limited data provided by the archaeologist. But properly studied archaeological materials, often the only existing records of prehistoric activities, can document what happened in the past. It is here where certain allowances have to be made because many aspects of ancient community life (i.e., in kinship, values, beliefs, and attitude) cannot be documented with concrete artifacts. Their realities can only be inferred from the way the artifacts were manufactured, used, or discarded. be documented. The same is true with respect to prehistoric studies. The pre-

The approach of this book is to present reconstruction of Philippine prehistoric society and culture is that of a cultural anthropologist, using data and research tools of the archaeologists and the pre-historians. This means that for documentation, we relied heavily on the artifacts dug up by the archaeologists.

However, instead of dealing with the problem of recovering the artifacts, we have sought, through cultural analysis, to discover the reason(s) why these artifacts were made, used, and discarded. Hence, our focus in describing cultural events is developmental, and

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