Early Childhood : The Social World Essay

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1. Chapter 6 “Early Childhood: The Social World” section “Teaching Right and Wrong,” focuses on moral development among young children that is accord with parents’ understanding of right and wrong (Berger, 219). It discusses the many ways that parental guiding and influential factors can affect children’s behavior and their moral values.
By instinct, all children have a sense of right and wrong, even when not entirely exposed to the concept of moral rules or development, it is an inborn impulse that we, humans, have developed over time due to aspect of Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory claiming that species only strive to do two things; survive and reproduce (Berger, 33). However, these inborn impulses that children have relates more to emotional and mental growth, that comes from the essential need of humans, especially children, to rely on people, in which the “body produces hormones that cause us to push people toward trust, love, and morality” (Berger, 219). This part of the chapter goes in depth with many types of behavior and emotions that are presented in children, such as, empathy; the ability to understand the emotions and concerns of another, antipathy; feelings of dislike or hatred for another, prosocial behavior; actions that are helpful and friendly, and antisocial behavior; actions that are hurtful. Besides, emotional development, aggression is a strong emotion that is also displayed among you children that can be presented by both action and words.…

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