Essay on Early Childhood Education

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A History of Early Childhood – Johann Pestalozzi

Johann Pestalozzi was an 18th century educational reformer who believed that every child has the innate ability to develop emotionally, intellectually and physically when given education. Another belief of his is that true learning and development of a skill takes place best when a child is participating in an activity that requires the particular skill instead of the traditional passive form of education. (Brühlmeier, A. 2010)

His philosophy basically states that every child has the capacity to develop holistically through education. I find this to be true as this is basis on which modern education systems function and it has been proving that the provision of education can develop a
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He believed that children learn and develop cognitive ability through forming their own conclusions in the process of interaction with people and objects. (Richardson, 1997)

According to Piaget, this cognitive ability develops in an orderly succession that is also dependent on the biology development stage of a child (a total of 4 cognitive stages). A child in the various biological states would have a different manner of acquiring and interpreting information through experience. (Segal, Bardige, Woika, Leinfelder, 2010)

This theory of Constructivism basically states that, when a child uses his senses to explore and construct meaning out of what is discovered, learning takes place which is in line with the objectives of materials available in classrooms I conduct my lessons in. These materials such as puzzles in the form of toys encourage the constructive form of learning. They allow a child to learn how to fit pieces together by using both their sensory and mental capabilities.

Another element of this modern philosophy that is evident in my classroom is the curriculum and materials. They differ according to the age range and expected developmental as well as learning milestones of a child. For example, my class consists of three year olds who according to research are expected to be

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