Essay on Early Childhood Education Funding Education

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Early Childhood Education Funding in Anchorage Alaska

Alaska legislators are debating possible cuts which include early childhood education funding such like, Pre-K, Best Beginning, Parents As Teacher, and many others programs on behalf of Alaskan Children age 3 to 5. The state is nearly looking to cut an estimated of $22 million from its preschool programs to face the $3.5 billion budget deficit in the State of Alaska. This issues should matter to all of us, no just as parents, educators, and citizens, but as community.

Early Childhood Education programs are designed to provide children long term results and the importunity to success no just academically, but also in their social-emotional life. There is a high risk for youth that do not participate in early education programs to be arrested for violence crime, drop out of school, and not to go to college or higher education levels. ******** The differences between children that were enrolled in early childhood education programs and those who were not are very critical. Sidmore, who works at the board as a health and social service planner, found during his analysis for the Mental Health Board and the Alaska’s Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse that Alaskans had a higher rate of childhood trauma., and also that if childhood trauma rates were reduced in Alaska, the state could save nearly $92 million each year in costs related to the long-term impacts trauma. **** For these and many other reasons…

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