Assessment In Early Childhood Education

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As an early childhood educator, I believe in the power of assessment because it is an integral aspect of teaching and learning. Assessing students support in helping them to become successful learners. I can relate to this statement because teachers can distinguish what students understand and what they do not know through observation and assessment data. Assessment is conducted in the classroom so that teachers can gather meaningful information about students as they engage in different learning experiences. It is done through different means such as collecting work samples, recording observations, using a checklist, rubrics, worksheets and so much more.
Assessment data is important in the aspect of teaching and learning process because it
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Examples of consistent support include professional developments that relate to the assessment and instructional delivery tools that are used in the classroom. Providing extra supports for teachers for students who might be more challenging to them is important as well as collaboration with peers and other staff members. Teachers are lacking behind in the areas of understanding different instructional and assessment tools they are using in the classroom to support the students. Improvement in professional development and more support will help to improve how the student is gaining knowledge in the classroom as well as assessment …show more content…
It also supports how concrete an assessment will be. Therefore, I do not believe that assessment is about what student learn or did not learn. I feel it is about how we can reach the student and engage them so that they can understand and learn as well as adapt their learning to a real situation that they may encounter as they advance in their academic and future careers. As teachers, we are learners and so many things change in a matter of time. I believe that there are so many things that all teachers should catch up with especially when it comes to providing students with the best curriculum that fits their need. I also feel like the funders that may be in charge should also provide the necessary budget in other to bring out the best in both the teachers and the students in the

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