Early Childhood Education And Education Essay example

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Early childhood, is it just a substantial provider of care for children, or has it transformed for highly sought educational purpose? If so, how has it metamorphosed over the years for educational purposes? The historical relationship between early childhood and education was to enhance the potential of our future generation from the earliest possible age. (Duhn,2009). History advises that New Zealand 's shifting political, social and cultural stance, is the influential power that provoked the movement of childcare to education. This Essay provides a historical overview of some of the political, social and cultural issues that influenced the evolution of early childhood care, to education in New Zealand. The analysis of major historical changes and issues arising within the time early childhood education was established, unveils the influential impact of political, social and cultural aspects that shaped early childhood. (Duhn, 2009).

In the early years, Infant schooling was a means of which to civilize the young Maori child. Missionaries politics perceived a lack of control and discipline in Maori child rearing, and strived for pre-colonial basic education for young Maori children (May, 2003). In the year 1832, British missionaries funded an an infant school to ‘Tame the Wild’. A school for infants was an idea that would not only preserve the Maori cultural nature of care and love for their children, but would also bring about social control over a population…

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