Ehk Case Study Essay

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1. Did this case study make you more likely to enter the consulting profession? Why or why not?
Answer: This case study has made my resolution of becoming a consultant even stronger. Being a trusted consultant needs education and technical qualification, process qualification, people qualification, business skill qualification. Though I believe I have that, it’s a challenging profession that needs strong commitment to provide client service. The EHK case underscores the fact that even if there is never a dearth of companies providing consultancy services, there is always a place for a niche firm that can fill a gap in marketplace. Though it’s tough to get new client and to keep repeat business, referrals of happy clients will bring many of
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The type of collaborative teamwork EHK enjoyed among its permanent employees and independent contractors (“Associates”) would have been tough to achieve in a franchise model.
 Rolling out any new product or service is problematic as that needs to be discussed with the franchises and franchise managers have their own plans. The total capability service and value added services EHK provided its clients would have been lot harder to do with franchises.
Though with a franchises in major US cities, EHK would have captured a diverse and broad client base in shorter period of time (and it was a concern for Ed for quite some time), maintaining the quality of service would have been major challenge. And at one point of time, EHK had a nationwide client base through referrals of satisfied clients without having franchises. So I think it was a right decision for EHK not to go in franchise model.
4. What did you think about my decision to retain 100% ownership? Should I have taken on partners and fellow investors? If so, how would you have structured the
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And I would add some value added services on top of the commitment to client.
 I would maintain good rapport through work--reputation as consulting is all about trust and it 's critical to stay on clients ' radars.
 I would hire employees and independent contractors from varied industries and from diverse background who can introduce additional expertise and perspective. It’s also important to have workforce of varying age group to get better flexibility, to groom next tier of employees after the seniors retire or move on.
 Industrial construction and engineering is a cyclical business with weather, economic downturn, policy changes etc. I would try to emphasize to use any downtime to be reinvested into people, technology, marketing to build skills, products or services, capacity to get ready for next boom period.
 For a new firm in the market, name recognition is a major issue. So I would Partner with a similar but noncompetitive firm while building your business where our services can complement each

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