What Is Roadblocks In Effective Communication

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1. Describe the process and importance of building and maintaining good rapport with clients. Provide at minimum two examples to illustrate.
Building and maintaining rapport is an essential component when creating a positive relationship between groups or individuals. A definition used for rapport is “the ability to relate to others, where a level of trust and understanding is formed” (as cited by Stein, 2018). Building rapport can make communicating more effective, as well as, easier because the two parties begin to develop trust; consequently, allowing them to express their problems.
One example of where I have built rapport with an individual was when I was responding to an unwanted person in the mall. This individual is currently banned from the Chinook Mall, and was not willing to leave and started to become aggressive with my other co-workers. After a few minutes, they wanted me to talk with the individual as they were not successful. I began first introducing myself and asking for their name. They provided me with it, but we will use the alias Bob. This immediately caused Bob to become more relaxed, and I began asking Bob why he was in the mall. All I did was listen to Bob, and the reasons he comes back when he should not be. I showed him I was listening through non-verbal’s like nodding my head. After five to eight
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However, roadblocks may not apply to the same situation as it varies depending on the circumstance. A roadblock I faced was during interaction with an individual who was arguing with a tenant about the service. During this interaction, I started to blame the individual for there mistake instead of remaining objective. I tried to reason with the individual as to why their behaviour was not ok, but it came across that I was picking sides; therefore, blaming that individual for their actions. I could have handled this situation better through acknowledging both sides, instead of just the

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