Church And Dwight Acquisition Strategy

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Fifth Personal Assignment
The two things that the author believes Church & Dwight could improve on are their marketing strategies and their presence in the international field; most of the time, these two things could go hand in hand. This essay will serve as a recommendation for strategic alternatives to what the company is currently doing. This discourse will attempt to discuss the alternatives, recommendations, and justifications the author has to offer the company Church & Dwight.
Alternatives and Recommendations Currently, Church & Dwight uses the acquisition strategy. Wheelen, Hunger, Hoffman, and Bamford (2015) define acquisition as “the purchase of a company that is completely absorbed by the acquiring company” (pg.193). The acquisition strategy has gotten the company to where it is today, but can the acquisition strategy carry this company into a flourishing international market? John Manzella (1996) says this:
Through foreign direct investment a company can acquire an interest in another
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Church & Dwight already have competition and this competition is involved in the international market and involved in joint venture. The alternatives that the author would recommend are 1) a joint venture, 2) a horizontal strategy, and 3) international expansion.
“A joint venture is an independent business entity created by two or more companies in a strategic alliance” (Wheelen, Hunger, Hoffman, and Bamford, 2015, pg. 178). The reason why a joint venture can work so well for Church & Dwight is because they have little to no international presence. Church & Dwight also need a stronger marketing initiative. If Church & Dwight join an alliance with a company that already has an international presence and could help Church & Dwight move into a new market and help them develop new products that could fit well into the international

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