E Commerce : The Development Situation And Tendency Of Logistics

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This literature review will include three parts of the content.The first one is the development situation and tendency of logistics in e-commerce enterprises.The second one will talk about logistic modes selection in e-commerce enterprises.The last one will talk about self-run logistics mode.
Firstly,e-commerce has accomplished a rapid development in recent years. Any deal in e-commerce includes four parts: business flow, fund flow, information flow and logistics. The most special part is logistics, which refers to the flow process of products, that is the process of transportation, storage, loading and unloading, delivery and logistics information management. With the development of information technology, business flow, fund flow, information flow can be done using computers and network communication devices, however, logistics becomes the most time-consuming part, the efficiency of an e-commerce deal is determined by logistics to a large extent (Li, 2005). Lee & Whang (2001) also pointed out logistics is very important in e-commerce and it was the last link of online shopping process. All these show that logistics has an important supporting role in e-commerce.
Gourdin (2006) put forward a model to evaluate the quality of the electronic commerce logistics service. Based on analysis, logistics link is the main reason that customers are not satisfied with the services, through developing a standard logistics quality control process, all links of logistics are under the…

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