E Commerce Revolutionized How Consumers Shop Essay

884 Words Oct 30th, 2016 4 Pages
E-commerce revolutionized how consumers shop. Driving to a store to make a purchase is the old way of shopping. Now products can be purchased using any device and can be shipped directly to the desired location. E-commerce is changing industries, Amazon is the new Walmart, cyber Monday is the new black Friday. It is continuing to broaden the influence of our shopping habits. Selling items over the internet are cheaper for the producers. Product storage is cheaper, employment costs are reduced. The consumer also benefits from E-commerce. Cheaper products and a broader selection are available while the inconvenience of driving to the store is eliminated. If you have made a purchase over the internet you have experienced e-commerce. E-commerce drastically changed the business world. In order for a business to survive a proper understanding, a use of e-commerce is essential. “There is no single precise definition for E-Commerce or E-business. However, it is generally described as a method of buying and selling products and services electronically on a computer” (Ali, 2000). E-commerce is any transaction completed over the internet. These transactions can be business to consumer, business to business, consumer to consumer, or consumer to business. Any product can be found on the internet and businesses can now reach a wider range of customers. A business that only operated in a single state can now sell products online and reach customers all over the world. There are some…

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