E Commerce : An Industrial Centric City Of Manchester Within United Kingdom

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SANAM eCommerce Ltd will provide complete eComm solutions from small, medium & large size manufactures and distributors. The business will be based in an industrial centric city of Manchester within United Kingdom aiming to provide wide range of eComm solutions with a distinction. An extensive secondary marketing research has been adopted to cater the businesses and fulfil the growing demand of eComm services across UK starting from Manchester. The company will guide their clients from bases to implement phase and also provide valued feedback at the end. Our tailor made and trend driven eComm services will be solely based on deep market research and complete coordination with the clients from the initiation till its execution and thereafter to ensure that our respective client shall be able to sustain the momentum of success whilst staying abreast with opportunities. The marketing services shall be delivered through state of the art technology for achieving optimal quality service at competitive price.
E-commerce is more than buying and selling on the internet – it includes a range of applications of Information and Communications Technologies to achieve the business goals E-commerce can be applied in stages – from use of email to stay in contact with customers and suppliers, to the use of dynamic websites to process orders and payments and enable contact for after sales support. E-commerce techniques could be applied to parts of a business and not the entire business…

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