The Nsp Case Study: The Bank NSP Case

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 The Bank NSP Case

In this case the management trainee in a bank who used to exchange some E-mails with his fiancé using the computers of his company. After sometime, they broke up and the girl developed a grudge against him and fraudulently created some E-mail IDs and sent E-mails to the boy’s foreign clients, using the bank’s computers. Due to this the boy’s company lost many clients and a case was filed against the bank in court. The bank was held liable for those E-mails sent using Bank’s system.
Cyber Crime Variants (explained)
• Hacking – It is a crime which includes breaking into the systems and having unauthorised access to them.

• Cyber Squatting – It is the act of registering a domain name of interest to someone else (eg. Business
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Cyber crimes is no more restricted to time, space or a group of people. Cyber crimes do create a lot of civil and criminal wrongs.
In the global context, now there is a rising importance of cyber-control mechanisms, it is becoming more and more important to push cyber laws to check the spread of cyber crimes. Cyber crimes are a class of crimes which are rapidly increasing, putting the right to privacy of many under threat. Getting the right lead and making accurate interpretations is now an important task, by formulating some effective cyber laws to do away with these crimes.
E-Commerce , which is the biggest future of internet, can only become possible if we are able to get the required legal infrastructure in place to complement its growth.
Privacy is a comprehensive right which is of great value to every individual. It, in other words means- ‘The Right to Be Left Alone’. It is a Human Right which is Fundamental to human existence. It is the right of people to be free from any interference in their right and the right to live with human
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People should themselves beware and should take steps to ensure that their personal information is not used in a way which might leak the same, and facilitate it for those cyber criminals to use up this personal information to get their way (profit from someone else’s works).

 Role of INTERPOL
INTERPOL has committed itself to fight against Cyber Crimes. Most of these crimes are Trans-National in character, which is the reason why INTERPOL can deal with them more effectively and is capable of investigating crimes like these on a Corporate Level.
INTERPOL has uniquely advanced itself to the fight against cybercrimes on a global level by its proactive research into these emerging crimes. INTERPOL’s main initiatives on Cyber Crimes focus on:
• Digital Forensics
• National Cyber Reviews
• Research and

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