E-Cigarette Research Paper

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When the traditional cigarette first came to the market, it was fairly new so the majority of the population, including doctors, were uneducated about the effects of what the cigarette could do to the human body (Primeau 5). As society and research progress, cigarettes has been well known to be harmful to the body, being one of the causes to lung cancer and rapid aging of the skin. With knowing what the traditional cigarette does to the body, there has been many developments to decrease the health effects and even assists people to abandon smoking completely.
One development that developed to decrease the side effects of the traditional cigarette is an electronic smoking device. This method of smoking reduces the effects of the traditional cigarette without actually picking one up. E-cigarettes, electronic cigarette, was introduced to North America in 2007. “Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) battery-powered devices that vaporize a flavored propylene glycol or glycerin solution” (Tremblay 1). Some liquids contains
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I had a general idea of what an e-cigarettes was, due to the fact that I knew somebody that used an e-cigarette. I knew that it’s an electronic smoking device and it's expected to be better than the traditional cigarette. After doing research on this topic, I learned more than what I knew before. What stood out to me was that e-cigarettes are still new to the health community, so there is little research about any health defects that this product may bring. Another research that surprised me was that the device could explode. Apparently, the batteries in the device could explode if not properly handle and installed correctly. What surprise me the most was the usage of e-cigarettes in the youths. The statistics that I found were very surprising, to find out that middle school students use e-cigarettes and even other smoking devices at a young

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