E Cigarettes Research Paper

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Electronic cigarettes popularity is increasingly growing over years. The e-cigarette is powered by a battery and it has a close resemblance to a real cigarette, fountain pen or a tiny flashlight. E-cigarette uses an atomized liquid nicotine instead of organic grown tobacco which comes in different flavors and smell like candy. When inhaled, the liquid nicotine vaporizes to produce smoke.

Chambers of E-cigarettes

#1. The vaporizing chamber or the cartridge – it is used to hold the e-liquid of the e-cigarette. When inhaled, this chamber heats up the liquid in it to produce smoke.
#2. The sensor – in e-cigs that have one, it is used to sense pressure difference created when one is taking a puff to activate atomization.
#3. The battery pack
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Like any drug use, e-cigarettes are harmful to one’s health. There are no any scientific in regard to e-cigarettes despite how the society is upholding it. Many are those caught up using e-cigarettes as a counter effect to stop the tobacco smoking. Danger poses of e-cigarettes
E-cigarettes pose respiratory health hazards to both the active smoker and the passive smoker. As fun and classy as it seems, it can worsen asthmatic and bronchitis conditions, cause irritation to the respiratory track and even led to choking on smoke inhaled. The radicles and new compounds formed after heating the e-liquid are toxics. They may prove way worse than regular cigarettes.

This toxins are harmful to the user and when assimilated in the body, they can harm the unborn child.
Despite all this, e-cigarettes are accessible to people of all ages since they contain no age restriction on their labels. The manufacture also does not clearly stipulate the contents used in making e-cigarettes. This shows that e-cigarette users blindly consume something they have no full knowledge of.
Like any other drug, e-cigarette smokers are at risk of developing addiction be it behavioral or substance abuse. At a tender age, one may be lured to taking real tobacco cigarettes and this may interfere with body growth and brain

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