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Business Proposal for online expansion – Food Corps

Jermaine Ross

Western Governors University

Business Proposal for online expansion – Food Corps

In a small town in North Carolina, the United States Marine Corps combat force is training for an upcoming combat mission to Iraq. With the Marine Corps standard of not allowing service members to shop outside of the military base while in uniform, several service members are faced with a dilemma. The options of finding a nutritious meal are limited to local takeout or the not so nutritious military meals ready to eat (Survival Acres, 2014). As a solution to the problem, a young Marine Sergeant pulls out the business flyer
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Due to strenuous training and heightened operations, the time needed to grab a nutritious meal just wasn’t there. At the time of conception, food delivery was just limited to pizza and less than desirable takeout options. Food Corps provides its customers with meals fit for today’s hero.

Upon Jermaine Ross’s departure of the United States Military, his goal was to be an entrepreneur while still serving his country in some capacity. With his intense knowledge of operational execution and the initial business idea of the Food Corps delivery service, Mr. Ross wanted to determine the actual demand for a carryout pickup and delivery service. In an effort to determine the market demand, Mr. Ross utilized two separate approaches before starting up his business.

The first action conducted was the development of a survey. The purpose of the survey was to determine the type of food establishments that military personnel frequented.

|Name | |
|Branch of Service | |
|1) What is your favorite restaurant? | |
|2) How often do you frequent your favorite food establishment in | |

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