During the American History Years of 1865 Through the 1900’s, There Were Many Developments Contributing to the Growth of Cities

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During the American History years of 1865 through the 1900’s, there were many developments contributing to the growth of cities. Many of these came from advancements in technology. Another important part is the urban politics that greatly influenced much of the growth of the cities.

One of the great and gateway technologies founded during this time was steel. Steel contributed a lot to the look of cities. Steel allowed cities to not only expand left and right, but up and down as well. Skyscrapers would not be possible without the invention of steel. Since it was light and cheap, it was ideal for buildings. It also allowed the creation of bridges. A good example of this is the Brooklyn Bridge, which was created using steel and allowed
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This would include banks, corporations and even factories.

Straying away from technology, an important factor that influenced much of the developments of cities, was urban politics. Public schools were being built all over the city. This caused much better education and more political figures were taking control. This led to much of the big important buildings everywhere in cities, such as official offices, official’s mansions, such as Rockefeller’s, and much more. However, in turn, corruption and greed played a huge part in the influence as well. An excellent example of a corrupt, high ranked official, is Boss Tweed. Not only was he a democratic politician, he was the “boss” of Tammany Hall, director of the Erie Railway, the Tenth National Bank, the New-York printing company, and a proprietor of the Metropolitan Hotel. Due to his wealth and his desire to get richer, he encouraged the expansion of the railway and the spread of the Tenth National Bank. Since he had the printing company on his side, he could influence much of the public to use his bank. Tweed’s greed and money developed much of New York city and shaped it to be the city it is today.

All in all, American History was forever changed during the years of 1865 through the 1900’s. Without much of the developments that occurred, cities would not have been so populated and efficient. Without advancements in technology and the constant doings of urban politics, cities could not have prospered as much as

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