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Headquarters, 42d Infantry Division
137 Glenmore Road
Troy, New York 12180

Defense Travel System Standard Operating Procedures 10 February 2012

Summary: This document outlines the 42d ID DTS SOP. It sets forth the 42d ID purpose, policies, procedures and responsibilities of handling travel authorizations and vouchers.

Applicability: This SOP applies to the 42d ID and its subordinate Brigades and separate Battalions. Effective 1 February 2011, all Soldiers are required to utilize DTS for travel.

Supplementation: Supplementation of this SOP is prohibited without prior approval from the 42d ID, 137 Glenmore Rd, Troy, NY 12180.

Suggested Improvements: The proponent of this SOP is the Division
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The battalion will review all travel authorizations. The authorization will then be forwarded to the fund manager for approval. Each Battalion, Brigade and Division unit will have a minimum of two reviewers. Any unit that has a fund manager will have a minimum of two approvers. Authorizations will be reviewed at each level until it reaches the fund manager (i.e. Fund Manager is MNOT, the authorization will be input by the Soldier, reviewed by the Company, Battalion, Brigade, Division and approved by MNOT).

b. Selection of Reviewers and Approvers

The review and audit functions that were once performed by Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) are now incorporated in the DTS process. This means the risks of ensuring proper distribution of government funds have been transferred to the Approvers within the Division and Brigade. Therefore, it is vital we select the correct Soldiers to fill the role of the Reviewer or Approver within DTS.

DoD Financial Management Regulation Volume 5, Chapter 33, identifies Reviewers as “Departmental Accountable Officials” and Approvers as “Certifying Officers” and/or “Approving Officials.” These individuals have pecuniary liability for the information and certification of each authorization and voucher they allow to cycle through DTS. Each HQ should identify the appropriate primary and secondary officials. The Soldiers selected may serve as both a Certifying Official and Approving Official; however,

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