Dry Creek Station Conflicts

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The Dry Creek station of the pony express in Nevada experienced many conflicts; some of those conflicts were between the white settlers and the Indians. This conflict only contributed to getting rid of the pony express, which was only was in operation during April 3, 1860 to October 28, 1861. One of the conflicts that occurred at the dry creek station was when a group of Indians killed a man named Ralph M. Lozier and wounded a man named John Applegate after attacking the station asking Si McCandles (the station keeper) to return the Indian woman he was living with, and he refused. The station keeper and another man by the nickname of Little Badly were able to get away and share their experience with other settlers which only increased the animosity against the Indians who at the time were struggling due to starvation and deprivation.
The conflict between the white settlers and the Indians was so great that the settlers even made a group called Brigham Boys who were scouts that were made along the pony express trail, were Indians had presented themselves as unfriendly. This group of men was made in order to protect the whites against the Indians. At the Dry Creek station there was a conflict between a Brigham boy and an Indian; the Brigham boy shot the Indian saying that “that he would rather shoot a man than a dog.” Which showed how much hatred the white settlers felt
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The conflicts between the settlers and the Indians caused many delays of mail delivery because of the attacks at the Dry Creek station, and since the company could no longer deal with any more problems they suspended the Pony Express service in the Nevada

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