Crazy Horse: The Battle Of The Little Bighorn

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Crazy Horse was a Oglala chief who fought to protect the lands and traditions of the Lakota from white men who wanted to take the Native Americans’ land. He was known as a visionary and great warrior. His Sioux name was Ta-sunko-witko. Crazy Horse was born near what would be Rapid City, South Dakota, around 1842. In 1865, Crazy Horse lead war parties to stop roads to goldfields from being built. To discourage white settlers from moving to his lands, he helped massacre Captain William J. Fetterman and his soldiers. Crazy Horse refused the second treaty of Fort Laramie, and he than moved to unclaimed lands and continued to fight. In 1874, gold was found in the Black Hills. Prospectors broke the treaty and began mining on Native American land. …show more content…
Crazy Horse attacked the general in Rosebud valley and forced the general to retreat. Later in summer of 1876, Crazy Horse merged his forces with Sitting Bull’s at Little Bighorn River. At the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull defeated a battalion of soldiers George. A. Custer’s command. The Battle of the Little Bighorn made whites nervous about the Native Americans, so more of the army was sent in. Colonel Nelson A. Miles lead a campaign to force all Native Americans to come to government agencies. On May 6, 1877, Crazy Horse and his tribe surrendered to General Crook. In September of 1877, Crazy Horse is killed for resisting arrest, while he was taking his sick wife to see her

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