Drunk Drivers From Becoming Repeat Offenders Essay

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Drinking and Driving “A new technology may be the key to keeping convicted drunk drivers from becoming repeat offenders. A company named Guardian Interlock has developed a technology which is installed in the vehicle of a person who has just been convicted of driving under the influence. According to Guardian Interlock their creation, the Ignition Interlock, requires the operator to blow into the unit in order for the car to be started, and once started the unit must be blown into every thirty minutes. The unit acts as a portable breath alcohol test, and if at any time the unit sense alcohol on the person 's breath, the unit will automatically disable the vehicle” (Ortman). This will keep the people in the society safer than before because their car won’t start because of the alcohol they have received. People won’t be able to make any violations with their automobiles because the engines won’t start. The problems that might occur is that if most of the population are going to get the program installed in their automobiles. If people in the society gets this to their automobiles they have less chance of hurting other people or themselves.
Teenagers should be aware of what is going to be expected from them to be happend while being behind the wheel. According to the report, a graduated license is a system designed to ease beginning drivers into the traffic environment under controlled exposure to progressively more difficult driving experiences. “Because young teen drivers…

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